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Application—Whislst primarily designed for Ammonia ,this control valve is designed for R22 and other non corrosive liquids that has a specific gravity of 0.5 or more .Although this is normally done with a solenoid valve,the controller can activate an alarm or pump or a similar device.

Construction—Mechanical float—Light deep drawn body drawn in one piece.Ball and stem are made from S.S electronic control box made from ABS in an international size 96* 96 housing .This device consisits of 2 separate units the float chamber and the electric controller.The float chamber consists of housing float ball,float coil and coil enclosure .The float ball is inside the housing and moves an attached magnetic stem up or down in an enclosure..The construction permits of high voltage connections and wiring to be made at a remote or non hazardous location.

Gravity equalization of this liquid level in the float chamber is a function of the liquid.For fluids having having high viscosity the response time will be slower.The level controller should not be used on water applications.

These electronic liquid level controllers are used to indicate or regulate liquid level in various refrigeration applications. These controllers are typically installed on a vessel’s liquid level column. They can control the liquid level by controlling a liquid fill solenoid valve. Often they are used to provide high level cut out or alarm. In addition, they can be used to turn off a recirculating liquid pump if a low level occurs. Each unit consists of a float chamber and an electronic controller. The electronic controller has a bar graph display module installed to continously display the rising and falling of the liquid level inside the float chamber.