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Our Banana Ripening chambers are engineered to stimulate nature’s ripening process without altering the taste or Freshness.

For excellent and best ripening of Banana,mango,papaya and other fruits following parameteres are required .

  • Banana Ripening chamber with proper insulation and flooring.
  • Proper capacity make refrigeration machines with desired temperature.
  • Proper uniform air cirulation system.
  • Exact humidity level in chamber.
  • Natural and govy approved ethylene system with proper concentration level of ethylene.
  • Fresh air intake and exhaust system.
  • CO2 level controlling as per NHB standard.
  • You can Trust us we will give you best product ,economical, and best deal ,which will suite your complete requirment .


  • High humidity coil evaporator with built-in pre-cooling capability.
  • We are making ripening chambers as per NHB standards.
  • We are giving high CFM fans for uniform air flow sothat uniform ripening of banana ,mango,papaya can takes place
  • Remote operation of the ripening chambers.
  • Pressurised and pull through air flow models
  • Gas based ethylene injection and liquid based generator option
  • We are also giving ethylene generator based solution for ripening .
  • We are giving small ethyelene spray bottles to ripen the banana
  • CFC free refrigeration system in auto operation.
  • CO2 evacuating system with automatic controls
  • Web-based monitoring system (optional).
  • You can take excellent product in economical prices with full range of ripwning solutions.

We provide the Ripening chamber that has been designed with a number of fundamental design and user issues in mind such as energy efficiency, user friendliness, ease of loading/unloading, good lighting and safe and easy maintenance access. The result is a ripening system which is as hygienic in its appearance as it is practical and efficient in operation. At the same time as improving product appearance without dehydration, our fruit ripening system enhances the colour, taste and quality of your product.

Temperature Range:-

  • Chiller 12 to 25 deg C

Door Option:-

  • Flush type
  • Overlap type
  • Sliding type

Floor Type:-

  • Panel with AL ch. sheet
  • Puff slabs with Kota stone

Insulation Material:-

  • Puff (highly heat resistant material)


  • Wide temperature range and capacity
  • Pre-fabricated panels for easy assembly, cam lock in tongue and groove assembly
    Food safe and CFC free
  • Micro-processor based electronic control panel board, digital temperature indicator
  • Energy efficient refrigeration systems attuned to suit high ambient conditions

Special Features:-

  • Extra size condensor means, more cooling more C.O.P.,less power consumption
  • Tropicallized designing to perform in 50 deg C ambient conditions.
  • High capacity suction fans which can carry more suction heat and maintain humidity in cold room automatically.
  • Fully automatic electric/air defrost system.
  • Extra size condensor results low head pressure which means trouble free operation in summer
  • Special humidifiers are provider for better rapping of fruits. (Banana, Mango, Pipa)
  • Ethylene Generator are provider for better Quality of fruits. Central ripening fully automatic system with Co2 Sensor with fresh air intake and exhaust also provided.