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Ammonia Air Cooling Units/Blast Freezers

  • Our range of ammonia air cooling units are best suited for Potato/ fruit / vegetables/ vanaspati plants/ katha plants/milk processing units and meat/ fish/ ice cream/ butter freezing units.
  • Cooling coils made of stainless steel/ spray galvanized tubes & die formed plate type aluminium fins with excellent bonding between them gives efficent heat transfer & durability.
  • Aluminium fins ensure rapid heat absorption from air. The staggered tube construction increases air turbulence at the coil to incraese efficency.
  • High quality powder coated GI sheet or SS casing with heavy duty outer frame.
  • Low noise Axial flow fans made up of aluminium/ FRp alloy blades for higher static pressure/ air throw.
  • Weather proof TEFC type fan motors with IP55 enclosure having pre-lubricated bearings with low temperature grease.
  • Accumulator (surge drum) to protect liquid stroke to compressor.
  • Optional double circulation of refrigerant resulting in fast cooling and high efficiency.
  • Arrangement for both ceiling suspension and floor mounting on every coil as standard
  • Water defrosting headers.
  • Optional Defrosting heaters/Hot gas arrangement for fast defrosting of coils in case of low temperature application.
  • Optional heater for drain pan or insulation in case of low temperature application.
  • Heavy duty galvanised /stainless steel drain pan with sloped end for fast water drainage, All coils can be circulated for flooded system, liquid recirculation, brine circulation & chilled water.
  • Longer life through appropriate material selection and robust construction.
  • Custom built coil for special application.
  • Capacity ranging from 18 KW to 105 KW.