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BODY ENDS: Integrally cast C.I. Flanges from the Valve size 12mm to 150mm. Screwed Ends from valve size 6mm to 25mm (B.S.P.T Thread)

SUPER MAINI” Shut off valves are designed specifically for use in industrial ammonia and large commercial halocarbon refrigeration systems. These rugged valves are a strong reliable component for modern industrial refrigeration applications and are suitable for liquid , suction, hot gas, discharge, recirculating liquid or oil lines. These are designed to give favourable flow characteristics and are easy to dismantle and repair when necessary. The valves are designed to ensure perfect closing and withstand a high system pulsation and vibration, which can be present specifically in the discharge line.

Features and Benefits

  • SUPER MAINI” shut off valves are available in angle way and straight way versions
  • Internal PTFE back seating design to replace seal while the valve is still operating
  • Non asbestos gaskets
  • Safe working pressure: 400 psig (27 bar)
  • Temperature range: -60°F to +240°F ( -51°C to +116°C)
  • The valve is design to withstand high internal pressure. However, the piping system in general should be designed to avoid liquid traps and reduce the risk of hydraulic pressure caused by thermal expansion
  • Extended neck provides greater insulation clearance
  • Individual pressure testing of each valve
  • All components are manufactured on CNC machines
  • High tensile bolts, used to tighten the bonnet, give extra life to the valves
  • All valves are painted with premium quality paint that protects valves in all weather conditions
  • Suitable for R717 (Ammonia), R744(CO2) HCFC & HFC, chemical and petrochemical applications
  • The temperature range of the packaging gland ensures perfect tightness in the whole temperature range
  • Packing glands are equipped with a scraper ring to prevent penetration of dirt and ice into the packing gland
  • Re-tighten gland nut in case of external leak

Product Variants

Globe Valve Flange


SIZE RANGE: ½ inch to 6 inch (12mm to 150mm)

BODY ENDS: Integrally cast C.I. Flanges from the Valve size 12mm to 150mm.

Globe Valve Screwed


SIZE RANGE: ¼ inch to 1 inch( 6mm to 25mm )

BODY ENDS:Screwed Ends from valve size 6mm to 25mm (B.S.P.T Thread)