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SUPER MAINI SSC- Series dependable, compact rugged in-line check valves (Non return valves) are ideally suitable for refrigerant flow control applications. Valves open wide for flow in the arrow direction on the value body. Valves close quickly and reliable when flow reversal occur. Plated bodies, stainless steel disc and spring enable them to withstand expected industrial refrigeration conditions. Further more, these valves can be mounted in any situation.

PORT SIZE : 1” TO 3”(25mm to 80mm)



REFRIGERANTS: Suitable for all common refrigerants including R-717(Ammonia),R-22, R-134a, Neutral, gaseous and liquid media.

OPERATING TEMP: -46ºC to +116ºC (-50’F to 240’F)

SAFE WORKING PRESSURE : 365 psig (25bar)

USP Light Weight, Compact & Easy to Install